this is gospel
for the vagabonds
ne’er-do-wells and
insufferable bastards



Things Dan and Phil don’t understand about boobs.

If you had boobs for feet then god rest your soul



For those of you who have never played Cards Against Humanity before: this is exactly what it’s like.


Wolves vs. Werewolves Panel @ Bitecon 04.19.14

“Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, accept it, and learn and grow from it.”

Anderson East ft. Jill Andrews | Say Anything



modern day rebels

This makes me happy


i just watched this scene a few times and it is unbelievably adorable.  i love how gentle and nice Will is to Peter.  They’re both seated, so Peter doesn’t need to worry about motion, and there is the bird in front of them both as something to focus on, so the attention is off them both and they don’t need to look at each other.

Will brought Peter the bird because he was worried about it.  He reassured Peter that he knows he didn’t kill Sarah.  Then, when he found out Peter was being victimized and feared that no one would believe him, Will says “I’ll make sure they do.”  If only someone had done that for Will…  Now, he has to do it for himself.